FineTone DIY Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal Kit (True Bypass)

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Make your own COMPRESSOR pedal!

Are you looking for a fun way to build an incredible sounding true bypass analog compressor pedal? With this pedal you'll not only save yourself hundreds on expensive compressor pedals you'll always have the satisfaction of knowing that you built it yourself!

Make your own Compressor effect pedal! Great tone was never so easy!


  • The Compressor PCB is designed to fit perfectly inside the 1590B Style Aluminum Stomp Box Case Enclosure
  • Uses 3PDT 9-PIN Guitar Effects Pedal Stomp Foot Switch
  • Includes all the required components to build this 
  • You need to solder the Compressor PCB soldering iron and solder
  • The 1590B enclosure is pre-drilled


The Full Kit contains the main PCB, the 3pdt wiring PCB, Potentiometers and LED and I/O jack and DC power jack can be connected by wires, they can be installed in the 1590B enclosure at any location, according to your favorite.

The PCB Board is double sided, through-contacted and has silk screen printing for easy assembling. The printed instructions are included. The PCB Kit is verified and working. The pedal is True Bypass.


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