About Us

We know what it's like, you spend countless hours and a small fortune in search of the ultimate guitar tone. Well, you've found what you've been looking for, because here at The Guitar Store we have the high quality gear you need at prices that don't break the bank! Our large selection of guitars, basses, effects and accessories makes us the one stop for all your gear needs. Here you won't be paying inflated prices for big brand names that often don't live up to their reputation. Here at The Guitar Store you get high quality products at reasonable prices.

We built this store because we were becoming very frustrated at not being able to find good quality gear at prices real working musicians could afford. Well, that's all changed now.


Our Mission

We aim to be the best retailer of musical instruments and accessories. We aim to be the store that's always first in your mind when you need to get any additional gear. We believe in being truly passionate about our business and completely devoted to surpassing our customers' wildest expectations. Our website is your home, your one stop for all your gear needs. You'll love to spend time browsing our website and chatting to our people. We aim to make buying gear a truly fun and exciting experience.


Our People

Our people love music, love gear and love nothing more than helping customers get the perfect products for their needs and budget. Our staff are always standing by to answer any questions you have and will take the time to get to know you, your unique situation and find you the gear you need at prices you'll absolutely love! If you want to speak to a customer service representative or a knowledgeable sales professional, just send us an email or give us a call.







Your gear should enable you to flawlessly execute your musical ideas, always be inspiring, be affordable, reliable and built like a tank to survive real gigging conditions - a difficult combination to find! That's why we hand select all of the products in our store. We're all musicians ourselves, and we know about gear from personal experience of years of performing and recording (and there's no substitute for that).